“I picked Renaissance House to work for because I saw an ad in the newspaper. I had never done this kind of work, but I was interested in trying. Now I’m going on over 30 years working for the company.

I feel working in the company has been a success for me, because I love my job and I enjoy coming to work and seeing the clients. They make my day and I love seeing them smile when they see me.

The best part of working here is seeing the clients happy and being successful with their lives.

To any potential employee thinking of working here, I would tell them it’s a nice laidback environment and you have fun with your clients. The office will work around your availability and they are good people.”

– Jennifer Kessler



“Four years ago we had no idea how strong our bond would become!! Now I don’t want to imagine my life without her physically in it regularly! I thank her for loving me for my truest self…no matter what!! She is continually doing her part to make my life shenanigan filled, and I am thankful she always makes it a priority to capture our memories in photos!

She always strives to assist me in achieving the highest level of independence that I wish to conquer in anything and everything, and I thank her for understanding that at this stage of my life that could change from day to day due to many factors!

Yes, I understand that I’m her individual/”client,” but above all I thank her for continually making me feel that I’m not only one of her best friends, but a part of her family. That’s why we can get frustrated with or even mad at each other sometimes and she gives me space to cry it out, then write it out, then we talk about it and move on. I thank her for truly understanding many of the complex depths of my mind, heart, and body! She is continually using her instincts and her heart to assist me in countless ways! Almost daily she can just look at me and pretty much, automatically be able to eyeball my physical comfort or discomfort level due to my positioning in my wheelchair, without me saying a word; and always understands the best techniques to help my body to relax to the best of its ability, so that I may function my best physically.

I love her! Others will slide into her role in my life in the future, but no one else will ever take her place that through our time together she has earned in my heart! We’ve also grown together spiritually in ways we didn’t expect. I’ll never be able to thank her enough for continuing to support me and walk alongside me on my always evolving spiritual journey.”

– From Michelle about Heather



“I retired from my full time job last year. I had been retired for about 5 months, and I knew that I was not ready to be completely out of the work force.

I was thinking about looking for a part time job and saw a job opening for Renaissance House. I did not know what type of work this agency was involved in.

I asked around and found that it was an organization helping the DD population with every day living.

I went to the office in Findlay and talked to Patty Hartley. It wasn’t long before my training was completed, and I was assigned to a home.

What has impressed me the most is Renaissance House’s attitude toward the folks that we serve. It is obvious to me that this organization truly cares about the individuals that depend on us. Having a family member who has special needs, this is very important to me. Not only is there great compassion and concern for our clients, I find that the administration is understanding towards the staff in regards to knowing that ‘life happens’ and they strive to work with our schedules to give us time off when something comes up within our family setting.

I feel blessed to have this job. I work with a great bunch of folks who take their job seriously, while helping others get through their day.

If you are looking for a rewarding job, would like to work with administrators who ‘get it’, try this job. I have found it to be a good fit for me, and would recommend Renaissance House to anyone. I have never worked in this field, but the staff has been very patient with me as I learn the ropes to being a direct care provider.”

– Pat Hoffman



“I chose to apply for Renaissance House because after years of being a stay at home mom, once my children were independent enough I felt that I could gain more in my life by rejoining the workforce. I knew I didn’t want to be stuck in an office job, or sitting on an assembly line all day. I came across Renaissance House, which offered me the chance to work with people who truly needed somebody special to help them in their day-to-day lives.

I feel that working for Renaissance House is successful for me, because I really don’t feel like I’m working when I’m with clients. I get to spend my days with interesting people, helping them with household tasks, getting out into the community, or simply teaching them life skills.

The best part of working for Renaissance House is the people. The staff is very welcoming and will work with your schedule to try to accommodate your needs as best they can. The clients are a lot of fun to work with and get to know as people. Getting to see the smile on the client’s face as they accomplish a task, make new friends in the community, or just to get to experience something new is extremely rewarding.

Working with developmentally disabled adults has taught me a variety of things. I have learned to truly value my life, to avoid taking things for granted, and perhaps most important, that all people – just because they may not look or act like the rest of us – have extraordinary potential. It’s incredibly rewarding to know that you can make such a difference in someone else’s life.”



“I needed a job that had flexibility, with having nine children. When Renaissance told me that I was able to write down my availability to work, I knew that Renaissance was a good match for me.

Since 2014, I have had the priviledge to serve a handful of individuals for Renaissance. Each consumer has different needs, so working for Renaissance provides a variety of service opportunities, such as grocery shopping, going out to eat, going to church, attending athletic events, and going to a park.

The best part of working Renissance is when I hear, ‘Thank you for working with me and when are you going to work me again?’ I love the opportunity I have here at Renaissance.”

– Lisa



“My name is Marlene Pettis, and I choose Renaissance House Inc. because we assure that developmentally disabled get the quality care that they deserve and get them out into the community. In this field you have to want to be here and help others and not just doing it for a pay check. It is very rewarding working with our individuals.

Renaissance has been a success to me because they worked around my schedule. I was able to finish college and graduate with an associate degree as an Administrative Assistant.

The best part of working for the company is they are fair to all. They realize we have families and situation that arises and they work with us. All while accommodating our needs; they also make sure their clients are being taken care of.

I would highly recommend the Renaissance House, Inc to anyone that is able to be an asset to the company. To any potential employee I would tell them that my experience with the Renaissance House Inc. has been excellent and I am proud to be an employee. Robert Weinhardt and his staff are the greatest people to work with. They have made an impact in my life as well as the individuals we provide for.”

– Marlene Pettis



The Era of My Renaissance

“There are a few moments in life that change one’s world. A person grows up learning different values, exploring different aspirations, and developing different personal characteristics. My previous jobs never gave me a feeling I was a part of something bigger than myself. Matter of fact, it was depressing for me. It was when I found Renaissance House that I had one of those life changing moments.

My dream was to help people, care for them, so I decided to attend college and get a degree in the medical field. When I finished college, I put my application in various facilities, but no place seemed to really fit with my goals of truly fostering relationships with individuals, my need to be in service to others. Ultimately, I turned to the internet looking for Home Health Care or similar fields. Renaissance House kept coming up in all my searching. After putting in my application and resume they called me back for an interview; I was ecstatic. I was offered a position as a direct care provider right away.

The first year at Renaissance was nerve-racking. The tasks required of me were no different than the tasks I have done as a mother and a friend, but it is challenging to do the same for others who in essence, are complete strangers. Renaissance supported me through all of my insecurities, helped me to become confident in my abilities. My co-workers even supported me. The individuals I provide services for and my co-workers have become like my second family.

Over my time with Renaissance House something wonderful happened. I found a career that I love. Renaissance encompasses the values I hold dear: honesty, integrity, and compassion. The standards for which they adhere to towards their clients and their staff are what keep me loyal to the organization. I feel recognized for my accomplishments, cared about by others, and vital to the organization. I support individuals to reach their goals and Renaissance House supports me to reach mine.”

– Rachel