Welcome to Renaissance House, Inc.

The letter RFounded in Tiffin, Ohio in 1980, Renaissance House, Inc. is a private nonprofit organization established to provide residential services to individuals with developmental disabilities. Renaissance House, Inc. has experienced continuous growth over the past 32 years. From providing services to six men living under one roof, Renaissance House, Inc. has grown to serve more than 130 individuals in a five-county area including Seneca, Hancock, Huron, Erie, and Sandusky counties. In most cases, services are provided to people in their own homes. Assistance ranges from intensive 24-hour-per-day care to daily drop-in visits.

The organization's mission is to enable individuals with disabilities to be cared for in their own homes, enjoy relationships with valued community members and play an important role in society. In support of their mission, Renaissance House, Inc. works with each individual to develop a program that meets their needs for positive relationships, acceptance, love, commitment, and emotional support. Clients are assisted with choosing safe and affordable housing, dressing well, practicing good hygiene and participating in community life. Skills of daily living such as cooking, home maintenance, managing finances, etc. are also taught by our staff.

The foundation of Renaissance House, Inc. is the staff members who carry out the organization's mission by effectively delivering services to our clients. Each of our 165 staff members is committed to providing the best possible individualized services to our clients.

From the Executive Director

Renaissance House, Inc.'s mission is simple, yet many individuals work hard every day to ensure that it is achieved. - "To enable individuals with disabilities to receive services in their own homes, enjoy relationships with valued community members and play an important role in society." Underlying this mission are specific core values:

  • Individuals with disabilities share a common humanity with those of us who are not disabled.
  • Individuals with disabilities shall be given equal opportunities that non-disabled people are given to live satisfying lives and be productive within society

Robert Weinhardt executive director

With the support of families, community members, direct support professionals and
many others individuals with disabilities are able to achieve the good things in life that we all enjoy. I am encouraged by all of the wonderful support we receive from individuals who share in our mission. It is their devotion that allows us to provide quality care for the individuals that we serve. I invite you to let your values lead you in supporting individuals with disabilities - the smallest gesture may make the biggest impact in someone's life.

-Best Wishes, Robert Weinhardt